An Immersive Location - Based

 Virtual Reality Experience

VR Thrill Zone Automatic

  • The VR Thrill Zone automatic does not need an attendant.  
  • It runs completely on its own… the player pays, chooses the game, and simply plays an amazing immersive VR experience.  
  • This model can be connected with up to 4 units so players can play multiplayer virtual reality “Attendant Free”.

VR Thrill Zone

  • The 4 player VR Thrill Zone delivers a cutting edge immersive experience allowing players to “play together”.  
  • Games are long enough to give a full experience but short enough for substantial revenue generation.
  • Run easily and simply with one attendant.

Why VR Thrill Zone?

The VR Thrillzone delivers a cutting edge immersive VR Gaming Technology that is revolutionizing the way games are delivered and played.


Eye catching LED and large spectator screen.  Built to withstand the rigors and abuse that are given out by your everyday normal customers.


Crowd control queue lines and tethered equipment keep the player safe and sound as well as the nearby spectators.


Built from the ground up to offer attendant free operation anytime day or night.  Proprietary, family friendly games that are sure to amaze.

Earn Profits

Recommended price for 8 minute experience is $8.  20 plays a day = $4,800 per month. ROI in under 6 months.

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Projected Return On Investment

As detailed in a recent Forbes article, VR gaming is predicted to reach $45 billion in revenue by 2025 according to Grand View Research. Entertainment operators are purchasing location-based VR experiences to increase ROI at their venue.  Here are some projected returns given our recent data.

VR Thrill Zone Automatic (1 Player)

$8 per play



ROI: 6 months

$10 per play



ROI: 4-5 months

VR Thrill Zone (4 Player)

$8 per play



ROI: 6 months

$12 per play



ROI: 4-5 months

Results may vary depending on number of plays.  

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A Fan Favorite Experience

The VR Thrill Zone has been a smash hit with all ages.  From the collaborative game-play with friends to exciting outings with the family, people can't stop raving about how much fun this game is.  Check out a few of the comments our happy users had after experiencing the VR Thrill Zone.

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Whether it’s a Family Entertainment Center, Movie Theater, Bowling Alley, or almost any other place that can benefit from extra supplemental revenue… A VR Thrillzone can help.  When you purchase or use our financing to attain our products… you will receive the highest quality products in the VR industry backed by our commitment to service. These products can reach a return on investment much faster than almost any other product of its kind.  They are also designed to give you a substantial revenue stream for many years to come. Let us share with you pricing, financing and all of the benefits your customers will get from playing on a VR Thrillzone product.

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